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Swissblock Insights’ goal is to simplify the complex crypto market into actionable analysis. We explore the correlation between crypto-specific phenomena and global macro effects via our publications:

  • Uncharted is a biweekly analysis that provides a big-picture view of the crypto market. We examine risk and momentum signals, identify capital flows within crypto, and analyze explosive moves in altcoins.

  • The Uncharted Lite appears on alternating weeks to classic Uncharted publications and will feature short, macro-rich insights for the week.

  • The Crypto Compass provides a more frequent window into key Swissblock trading signals and metrics, such as the Bitcoin Risk SIgnal, and dive further into factor analysis moving crypto prices.

  • The Cross-Asset Compass provides cutting-edge insights into the interplay between equities, fixed income, commodities, and crypto.

These analyses are backed by a wider team of Swissblock’s own researchers, crypto experts, and quants focused on providing actionable insights.

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