About Swissblock Insights

Swissblock is a quantitative hedge fund that specializes in the digital assets space. We have a team of experts who combine in-depth market analysis with algorithmic trading strategies to find and capture opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Swissblock Insights’ goal is to simplify the complex crypto market into actionable analysis. We explore the correlation between crypto-specific phenomena and global macro effects via our publications:

  • Uncharted is a biweekly analysis that provides a big-picture view of the crypto market. We examine risk and momentum signals, identify capital flows within crypto, and analyze explosive moves in altcoins.

  • The Uncharted Lite appears on alternating weeks to classic Uncharted publications and will feature short, macro-rich insights for the week.

  • The Crypto Compass provides a more frequent window into key Swissblock trading signals and metrics, such as the Bitcoin Risk SIgnal, and dive further into factor analysis moving crypto prices.

  • The Cross-Asset Compass provides cutting-edge insights into the interplay between equities, fixed income, commodities, and crypto.

These analyses are backed by a wider team of Swissblock’s own hedge fund researchers, crypto experts, and quants focused on providing actionable insights.

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Swissblock Technologies AG is a Wealth Asset Manager. Crypto Market Analysis. Co-founders of Glassnode and Swissblock. Opinions are our own.